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Comparing artists, as well as booking and organizing concerts has never been easier.

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Our Story

Led by the belief that anyone can grow

After years of testing and experimenting with various software, our team decided to create Kisum - the ultimate solution for the music industry. Kisum is a professional-grade tool designed for music promoters that creates a global ecosystem for music, connecting artists, promoters, agents, and liaison agents.
Our application goes beyond traditional analytical tools by collecting data from multiple platforms and providing insightful results in a timely manner, allowing for informed decision making. Additionally, we utilize the power of blockchain technology to securely and transparently track and submit offers, ensuring transparency and trust in the recording process.
Kisum is the ultimate tool for the music industry, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution for all your needs."

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Reinventing The Technology

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Kisum is a unique application that offers a new experience for promoters by providing them with a new way to make decisions for concerts based on various content sources and artist data from around the world, making their experience more enjoyable and informed.


Research & Analyse

Our Kisum application, through the use of our algorithm, generates a comprehensive view of each artist's activity, allowing you to make efficient decisions in booking and organizing concerts.


Kisum allows you to make offers and secure your contracts through our blockchain registration and analysis system, providing a secure and efficient way to book and organize concerts.


Kisum ensures the security of all your contract interactions, offers, submissions and soon payments, through the use of blockchain technology, providing a secure and reliable platform for booking and organizing concerts.

How the app works

How the App works

Unlock the power of data with Kisum

Kisum is an application that allows to collect data from multiple platforms and to use it to provide analytical results quickly. It can include information about users, trends, performance and other metrics that can be used to improve the performance of a business or product. It uses advanced algorithms to select the most relevant data and present it in a clear and concise manner, allowing for faster decision making.

Secured by technology

Kisum uses blockchain technology to securely and transparently record and submit offers. By leveraging the decentralized and immutable nature of blockchain, Kisum ensures that all offers are transparently tracked, recorded and can be audited. This allows for added security and trust in the recording and submission of offers, making the process more efficient and reliable.

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